Our Approach

​​At DSI, we focus on collaborative development work to empower people and organizations in develeoping countries by partnering to support their identified needs.

We believe that: ​​

  • Equal human rights and a high quality of life should be a reality for everyone.
  • Cross-cultural collaboration benefits us all.
  • We can and should work to reduce the cycle of disability and poverty.​​​

We focus on development work:​​

This means that we embark on the process of working toward increasing communities' capacities toward greater resiliency and a more just society.  Development work is not a quick fix.  Development work is a process.  It facilitates ongoing change that moves all the people involved (both those considered the 'helpers' and those 'helped') to learn, grow, and change our world for the better.

Although the impact is often delayed, when successfully implemented, the magnitude of impact and sustainability of development work is
powerful and long-lasting.

To do this, we cultivate relationships with PARTNERS in targeted developing countries.

A DSI partner is: ​​

​​A community or organization in a developing country

​​Working to further the disability inclusion movement & meet needs within their own country

Self-identifying needs and asking for assistance
​​We always aim to: ​​

  • Listen and learn as we build relationships with partners
  • Think about how any action or intervention may benefit long-term and if there could be any unwanted negative consequences.
  • Develop programs that teach and empower others to continue the impact long after DSI's involvement 

​​We don't: ​​

  • Focus on temporary, relief type assistance (like giving food, clothing, materials, etc...)
  • Do what others can or should be able to do for themselves.
  • Believe we have all the answers
  • Push Western models or practices on others

We are currently working in the country of Cambodia and are continuously preparing to scale
into other countries when we can do so effectively.  ​​