Help an Organization Meet an Immediate Need

= Financial​​

Many of the organizations that we are in contact with have immediate needs, that if met, will help them continue the work that they are doing for those with disabilities in their communities. 

Could you help meet a need and impact lives right now? 

​Consider creating a team with your local service organization, church, or group of friends to make lifechanging impact for those living with disabilities and those working with them.

= Short-term Technical Assistance

Help Get an Organization's Website Back Online

The Need: Help get Children with Disability Support Organizations website back up online, so they can continue to  

To Help or For More Information, Contact: Judith Olimba, Director of Children with Disabilities Support Organization, Kenya.

Help Community Groups Access Clean Water

The Need: 

To Help or For More Information, Contact: Samnang Pheng, Disability Development Services Program (DDSP), Pursat, Cambodia.